My Room My Library

My room. Where I pray everyday. Where I take a rest at my chair. Where I sleep on my bed. Where I read.

Reading, think about God, humanity, social, economy and sometimes human story. I collect books, magazines, newspapers to be a part of my room space. Information, knowledge and thought from pages of books.

To share our knowledge, I will let you know about by books list. This is the collection of my room, my library.

– Islamic Books : The Road to Mecca, Hafalan Sholat Delisa, Kemilau di Padang Pasir, Doktor Cilik – Hafal dan Paham AlQuran, 1001 Kisah Teladan

– True Story : Room To Read – Leaving Microsoft to Change the World,

– Novel : Bali Today 2, The Alexandria Link, 5 Cm, The Alchemist, The kite Runner, Untukmu Segalanya

– Mathematics : Six Sigma Advanced Tools Pocket Guide

– Business / Economics : Rahasia Sukses Ekonomi Cina, The AirAsia Story, Metode-metode Riset Kualitatif, The Kaizen Power, Selling is Dead, Detektif Ekonomi

– Inspiration : Something to Smile about, How to Have a Beautiful Mind

– Romantics : Cupid’s Arrow

– Technology : Rightsizing the new Enterprise

– Nature : National Geographic

– Politic : Membongkar Gurita Cikeas,



The Borrower …

Not only as an owner, I am also as a borrower  😀 . It is callled “Cumi” or ” cuma minjem” and well known as The Borrower. The reading list that I have borrowed and read are

– The Starbuck Experience, The Ocean Strategy,


will be continued .. 🙂